10 First date ideas to leave the perfect impression

Stuck for inspiration when it comes to first date ideas? Fear not, we’ve got your back covered with our top 10 list of quirky, memorable and fun suggestions for activities to do with your new found romance. First off, it’s important to realise that the best first date ideas are born when you use what you know about the person from their profile to pick the suggestion which best suits your locality and their interests:

    1. Go for a walk in a local park or by the sea.
    2. Take them to a local sporting event which they are into.
    3. Visit a museum that matches the interests on their profile.
    4. Go bowling or play a game of pool.
    5. Provided they are not die hard PETA supporters, consider going to the local zoo or aquarium.
    6. Find a local stand-up comedy night.
    7. Meet up for brunch.
    8. Pretend to be tourists for the day.
    9. Go to a food festival or a street fair.
    10. Go to a dance class

Here’s why the above ideas work:

  1. If they are the outdoorsy type, fresh air and coffee are a great combination for getting to know the person you are interested in a little bit better. In summer, why not try swopping that coffee for an ice cream?
  2. Sport events allow plenty of space to chat and talk about each other. It also offers a great distraction to dissuade any silent lulls in the conversation.
  3. Museums are a tricky one, only choose this option if you are certain of their interests. If you’re sure, it will show that you have taken a liking to what their interests are and are keen to find out more.
  4. Bowling and pool are a great way to bring out the best in someone who is naturally competitive. Be honest with them and don’t let them win. If you are good at either of these, beat them and see how they take it – it’s a great way to get insight into someone’s personality, so don’t hold back!
  5. The zoo and the aquarium are similar to suggestion number one, but on steroids. You are guaranteed to see lots of interesting things which you can talk about afterwards.
  6. Laughter is the key to a lot of people’s hearts. Most people list “Having a great sense of humor” as their top wants from a romantic partner. If you are cripplingly unfunny like myself, then the next best thing to making some one laugh, is laughing with them.
  7. Dinner-date is to modern dating, what drive-in cinema is to dating in the 70’s. Brunch has much less pressure on it, and it also leaves you both free to pursue your own interests later on in the day.
  8. Most of us have never done the tourist activities in our own cities; it’s just part of being a local! Pretending to be a tourist is a great excuse to see the sites of your town.
  9. Food and drinks in a casual atmosphere is a much better alternative than your classic formal sit-down dinner. You are both free to end the date whenever you feel things are not going well. This is an excellent choice of location for people you are unsure or on the fence about.
  10. Dance classes are an excellent way to be close to the other person, without it being creepy. Make sure you pick something accessible to both of you, and not some wildly extravagant, avant-garde, contemporary, jazz dance lesson.

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We wish you the best of luck on your first date!